Unemployment Essay is an Eye Opener to Students

Unemployment Essay is an Eye Opener to Students
Unemployment Essay is an Eye Opener to Students
Unemployment Essays Should be Fully Supported by Facts and Figures

The recent economic crisis experienced world over led to the loss of livelihoods for many people. They lost their jobs, homes and families due to the spiral effect of economic hardships and ensuring crisis situations. Being unemployed is something many couldn’t fathom before the crisis. However, many people are compelled to live through the experience during session period where economies stagnate, collapse and organisations scale down their work force. When you are assigned the writing of the unemployment essay, you can raise many interesting questions. These can include the reason for unemployment, the feelings of the unemployed people and what should be done to alleviate another financial crisis like the one we just experienced etc.
World Economy and Unemployment

The more people that are unemployed the less money people will have to pay taxes and spend on. Spending money boosts the economy as everything that gets taxed goes in to the government funds. If more people are unemployed they will live on their savings and as a result will not generate adequate funds for taxations. When this occurs, economies shrink further, aggravating the depression condition which contributed to unemployment levels in the first level. This is a vicious economic cycle which needs monetary and fiscal policy intervention if to be reversed. Your unemployment essay can discuss this issue at greater length, mainly from an economic point of view.
The Recession of 2009

As this is the most recent ressesion where unemployment escalated and a good topic to write on. The recession of 2009, started in the United States. Bad lending practices and the closing down of several banks was the primary cause for the recession. When international trade dropped this too raised unemployment and commodity prices came down as a result. You can discuss the causes and the effects of the recession and how people survived it.
Causes and Effects of Unemployment

The most common cause of unemployment is the termination of a job. This could be due to the closure of a business or the fact that the employee has not performed well leading to termination of employment. Unemployment essays can discuss the effects of unemployment such as the behaviour of a person without a job, the effects of the family members who rely on one person to support them etc. Or you can discuss the worldwide reasons for unemployment as well. The recent global trends of outsourcing is another major factor contributing to unemployment in developed countries. Millions of jobs are lost in US and UK alone while developing nations gain new employment in call centre operations and Business Process Outsourcing operations of offshore activities. http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/page/13

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