Selecting a Good English Essay Topic

Selecting a Good English Essay Topic
Selecting a Good English Essay Topic
Think Twice, Thrice or Even Four Times When you Select English Essay Topics

The writing of English essays is a common assignment in any academic organization. These essays provide students with skills needed to perfect their writing techniques and their English language – if studied in other countries. English essay topics are often, assigned to students as a part of English Composition coursework. Sometimes, students are given the added task of selecting good topics to write their essays. When this happens, you should deliberate considerably in selecting an appropriate topic which will lay the foundation for good writing. In order to make your task easier, we have provided you with some basic instructions on how to select effective essay topics.
Interest Factor

Firstly, if the topics are not assigned you need to select a topic which is interesting and which allows you to demonstrate a good knowledge of the subject. This works both ways. It should be interesting to you as well as the reader. If you find a topic which interests you and has ample information and data which you can use for the essay, obtain your tutors approval for it right away and begin the process of writing.
Types of English Essays

Selection of English essay topics depends on the types of essays written. For example, if you are writing a controversial English essay or a persuasive essay selecting a topic based on abortion, capital punishment, politics and religion etc are some topics which can be discussed. Make sure the topic has the controversial, debatable elements in it. Therefore, when you select a topic to write your English essay on, giving it considerable thought will enable you to write a good essay.
Manageability Matters

Some topics are simply too broad and generic. For instance, to handle an English essay topic on abortion, you need to narrow it down. You will be assigned a word limit for the essay and simply writing on the topic of abortion will leave your essay too shallow. This is a topic which is broad and needs to be narrowed down to fit the scale of your essay. Therefore, select a topic within the topic of abortion. These may include,
• The medical aspects of abortion,
• The mother’s point of view,
• As seen from the foetus’s point of view etc.
Availability of Facts and Data

Some topics although interesting, will not have sufficient data available. No matter how much time you spend conducting thorough research, looking into every avenue of information, these topics will just not have adequate information to back your claim nor cover your word limit. When this occurs consider other options.

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