Do not be terrorized when called upon to write a Terrorism Essay

Do not be terrorized when called upon to write a Terrorism Essay
Do not be terrorized when called upon to write a Terrorism Essay
Delve Deep to the Subject of Terrorism When writing Terrorism Essay

With the political turbulences rocking the global environment, terrorism has reached a focal point in the world these days. Extremists views and perceived oppressions have fuelled terror attacks across the world. Terrorism reached new heights when the World Trade Centre in New York was destroyed in 2001. This does not mean that terrorism has not been around prior to this attack. Terrorism has been around since the early 1800s. It just reached a pinnacle point and came to lime light during this period. Your terrorism essay can incorporate many dimensions to the subject and be written in a rather interesting fashion, if the right amount of diligence is applied to the task.
What is Terrorism?

Terrorism to many, implies death of some sort or other, or a gang of people trying to achieve certain goals. The Web dictionary defines terrorism as the calculated use of violence against civilians in order to attain goals that are either religious or political, which is done through intimidation, coercion or fear. This is a very accurate description of what terrorism is.

Terrorism essays can discuss many issues. These issues can range from life seen through the eyes of a terrorist to the many terror attacks to the first ever terror attack and terrorist. There are many avenues of discussion which requires thorough investigation into the topic. Therefore, you need to ensure that your topic is manageable and within the scope of your study.
Origin of Terrorism

There is no clear and factual incident where one can say “this is where it all began”. There have been many incidences where terrorism has come into play. It could have been at the beginning of the French Revolution or during the British – Irish Republican Army retaliations. Sri Lanka faced wrath of terrorism for 3 decades until the Tamil Tiger Movement was thwarted by the government, bringing peace to the nation. Spain experienced years of terrorist activities of a terrorist group fighting for a separate Basque nation. Terrorism began in each country at a certain time. Therefore, your essay can select a few countries and discuss on when and possibly why terrorism began there.
Terrorist and Freedom Fighter

Is being a freedom fighter the same as a terrorist? This issue can be written as an argumentative essay. Freedom fighters and terrorists in some countries are one and the same. The definition for a freedom fighter is an armed rebel fighting for a cause against an oppressive government. Your terrorism essay can argue on the fact they are not the same and compare their strategies and tactics to attain what they want.
Can Terrorism Be Annihilated?

Some say terrorism cannot be annihilated. Some say if you catch the person responsible you can end terrorism. What do you think? Your opinion on the subject can be cause for great discussion. Provide reasons as to why you believe your position on this question is valid and use proper evidence to back your theory.

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