Research on Proper Facts When Writing the World War I Essay

Research on Proper Facts When Writing the World War I Essay
Research on Proper Facts When Writing the World War I Essay
World War I Essay can be An Interesting History Assignment

When the Archduke Frans Ferdinand of Austria, the heir to the throne was assassinated in June 28th 1914, it triggered a war which lasted for four years. Although a short period of time, it involved the world’s greatest powers and killed more than 15 million people. Also known as the Great War and World War it later became known as the World War 1. There are many issues which can be addressed when writing the World War I essay. Let us take a closer look at these methods.
An Unnecessary War

World War I has been considered an unnecessary war as a small incident such as the death of an archduke set off an avalanche which could not be stopped. Your essay can discuss the reasons why other countries were involved in the war and what propelled each country to wage war on another. You can conclude the essay by stating that if it was handled differently so many lives would not have been lost.
World War I through the Eyes of a Soldier

A heart warming World War I essay can be written by approaching it in a creative fashion whereby it is presented as seen through the eyes of a soldier. You can describe the beauty of a country gone to war, the feelings of a soldier as he leaves his loved ones behind, the deaths witnessed by him, the feeling of loneliness etc. This can all be included as if reading the soldier’s diary. Such an essay has to employ narration essay style combined with descriptive writing skills.
World War I and Technology

As technology has improved prior to World War I, the use of mass weaponry and all other aspects of warfare escalated the war casualties. Your essay can discuss the evils of technology and how countries prosper when other countries are at war simply because they sell ammunition which brings prosperity to the country selling it. You can also discuss the sides which benefited most from the use of advanced technology and which were contributed to prolonging the war.
America during World War I

America did not join World War I till April 6th 1917. World War I essays can discuss why you believe they took so long to enter the war and the reason for their entrance. You can also discuss America’s hesitancy in entering and serving under British regiments and what repercussions they had on their relations with this country.

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