Writing an Effective Truman Show Essay

Writing an Effective Truman Show Essay
Writing an Effective Truman Show Essay
Truman Show Essays Bring Media and its Impact on Society to a Focal Point

The effect of media on society is diverse. Sometimes it brings benefits in terms of the awareness being created on various issues and the transparency and accountability it prompts for in various areas such as political and public offices and even corporate world. There are however many ill effects of the media as well. The Truman Show essay will allow students to explore these aspects of media closely from the eyes of this movie producer.

Although media is a means of mass communication, the authenticity, the ethicality and appropriateness of such communications remains a question mark in some instances. Hollywood for instance is where celebrities face the full brunt of intrusive media and its effects on their private lives. One of Hollywood’s “getting back” actions at the media has been through the movie the Truman Show. There are many ways which students assigned the Truman Show essay can approach this subject.
The Truman Show is about a man who unknowingly is living in a world created by someone else. His entire life has been broadcast to an audience of TV watchers. Truman discovers this by accident. Suspicious as to what is going on around him, Truman goes on a journey of discovery which makes him realize his whole life has been a media reality show.

Issues which can be Discussed

Writing the Truman show essays makes the students aware of the way life is being run by the media for most people. This is especially true, for celebrities who are often in the limelight. Your essay can discuss the way the media turns life upside down for these people and how they can overcome this issue. It will require students to think whether the laws which allow the media to say and do what they want should in fact be reconsidered.

Another issue which can be discussed in the Truman show essay is when it is viewed from the ethical standpoint. Your essay can question the effects of free media on society and what should be considered as freedom of press. The power of the media is often more influential than any other power. But media should be governed by self imposed industry ethics which can set their own ethical boundaries of operation.

The essay can be written from the director’s point of view as well. Christoff, the character of the director of the story breaks all codes of ethics, by lying and not giving Truman any choice. He persuades others to do his bidding which results in everyone lying to Truman in one way or another. Your essay can be written through his eyes, which will give it a new perspective and a different approach than that of others.

The Truman Show essays can be written as critical essays where students will write if they think the movie is of any importance and if it is relevant to the media and its influence on society. Providing a review of the movie enables students to read between the lines and offer explanations which are worth looking into.

Writing an essay of this type is challenging as it mainly requires your point of view on the subject. Incorporate critiques and reviews of others can add value to your writing.

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