Essay on Health is Wealth

Essay on Health is Wealth
Essay on Health is Wealth
Essays on Health is Wealth: A Notion to be Best Written in Opinion Form

Health is something many are unconcerned with, especially when they are young. The older we get the more concerned we are with our health. However, learning to be healthy should begin from childhood. Eating the right foods, exercising regularly, getting enough fresh and clean air and maintaining an overall healthy life style is important for a happy life. This does not mean you should avoid the occasional chocolate or living in the city with high pollution levels. It means you should be aware of and be active in preserving your healthiness. So, writing an essay on health is wealth is a good wake up call for the young and the not so young.
Type of Essay Writing

Essays on health is wealth can be written in many ways. At most instances, it can be written as an opinion essay where you can either agree or disagree with this statement. Even religions such as Buddhism preaches that health is the biggest wealth that an individual can possess and hence to follow a balanced lifestyle in terms of all aspects without giving in to excessiveness of lows or highs. The essay can not be written as an argumentative essay as there is basically no argument to counter the fact that health is an individual’s biggest wealth.

This essay can be also approached from different angles. Following are few examples which you can take as guidelines for coming up with your own fresh perspectives of the subject.
Health Vs. Wealth

This is an angle which can raise many eyebrows. Of course, health is better than wealth. But sometimes you need wealth to stay healthy. Vitamin supplements, proper rest, proper nutrition, good living conditions and good medical care are all prerequisites of staying healthy. These things are hard to come by without wealth in your hand. So, you may actually choose to state that both go hand in hand.
Health Hazards through Wealth Creation

This subject can discuss the harm to our health which comes in the wake of wealth creation. It is a known fact that the environmental pollution is rampant and totally detrimental to human health. Emission of carbon dioxide and other toxic elements which escape into the atmosphere are generated by factories and other industrial activities which is a primary source of wealth generation in a nation. Do we live primitive lives and preserve our environment and our health or do we pursue development and wealth. The answer can remain elusive and you can explore this in an effective discussion essay.
How to Live a Healthy Life

Your essay on health is wealth can be written as an informative essay, educating the readers on how to stay healthy. You can provide information on types of exercises, foods to eat and avoid, habits which are harmful to our health etc.

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