Can You Write a Compassionate World Hunger Essay?

Can You Write a Compassionate World Hunger Essay?
Can You Write a Compassionate World Hunger Essay?
World Hunger Essays Should be Well Supported by Facts and Figures

Have you ever been without food for more than a few hours? Have you been so hungry that you simply couldn’t fathom moving? Facts show that over 10 million people die of hunger related causes every year and sadly 5.6 million out of this are children. Your world hunger essay will not only make you aware of this dire situation, but will also turn your heart inside out when you consider the plight of many who are affected. Therefore, this essay should be written with a high level of compassion, understanding and with dedication to researching and uncovering startling yet true facts of world hunger.
Hunger and its Causes

Why are more than 1 billion people the world over without food? What is the cause? What are we not doing enough or properly? If you think about it, there are many people who waste food. If a quarter of the food that is thrown away is given to people in places like Africa and India, there will be less hungry people in the world. Your essay can tackle the problem of waste and what should be done to avoid it. Another reason for hunger is poverty. People who do not have adequate funds to buy proper food go without food for days. There children eat off garbage cans, while some eat in abundance and often times are obese due to overeating. Isn’t it our moral obligation to ensure that every one has equal rights? Shouldn’t food be one of those rights?
Famine and Hunger

This method of writing the world hunger essay will have you obtaining statistics on the countries that suffer from famine. This way you will be able to provide adequate illustrations on the problem at hand. You can start by explaining what hunger and famine is and its result, malnutrition is. Hunger is the feeling you get when you are without food for a while, famine is the large scale loss of food over a long period of time. And malnutrition is the lack of proper nutrition due to improper foods or no food at all. Your essay can discuss these issues as well as what can be done to eliminate this problem.

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