Are You Adept Enough to Write a Communication Essay?

Are You Adept Enough to Write a Communication Essay?
Are You Adept Enough to Write a Communication Essay?
Communication Essays Should Communicate Informatively on the Subject

When students are assigned a communication essay, it is important for them to know what communication entails. Communication requires two or more people. There should be a sender and a receiver. Someone to send information to and someone to receive it. To interact with people you need to communicate. There are different modes of communication which make this possible. Your essay on communication can discuss any one of these methods and more. Below are some methods you can use.
Developing Communication Skills

One of the key elements to success is communication. This does not mean you need to have many phones and internet connections. This means your ability to communicate with others on a personal and face to face level. It takes special skills to be able to communicate with someone clearly, diplomatically and effectively. The success of your communication depends on how clearly the message was understood as a result of the communication. Many are born with excellent communication skills; some others have to work at it. Your communication essay can discuss and educate others on how to improve their communication skills.
Technology and Communication

The IT era has made it possible for people to collaborate and exchange ideas through many modes of communication. These include the telephone, radio, TV, satellite and the internet. Emailing has made communication with others in various parts of the world a fast business. There is “messenger” and “skype” which are an added advantage if you wish to talk with someone instantaneously from anywhere in the world for free. Skype option will bring loved ones living far away closer. Add a web camera and your conversation is not only with voice but image of the communicators. With technology, and its advances there may be many more methods of communication such as tele presence and tele transportations which may make what we have available now seem insignificant.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Communication

This is another approach which can be used in addressing communication essays. There are many advantages and disadvantages to the advancement of communication through technology. For example, where once you could write letters to loved ones and glance at them occasionally, you now have no paperwork which makes the task of letter writing somehow, impersonal. This of course has its advantages as well. This being the fact that less paper is required which makes for less cutting down of trees, more room in your drawers for other more important items other than old love letters and of course the letter in digital form reaching you faster than the traditional snail mail.
Nonverbal Communication

This is another interesting angle in which your essay can be written. How does one communicate without using words? Facial expressions, body language and emotions are different ways of communicating. Hadn’t your mother expressed her displeasure with your being out all night without saying a word? This is another method of communication which plays a crucial role in successful interpersonal communications as well as public speaking.

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