Many Issues Can Be Discussed in Your Human Rights Essay

Many Issues Can Be Discussed in Your Human Rights Essay
Many Issues Can Be Discussed in Your Human Rights Essay
Human Rights Essays Should Be Written With Utmost Courtesy and Diplomacy

Writing essays does not only improve a student’ writing and critical thinking skills. It also improves their knowledge and awareness of issues in their surroundings and the society. For example, when you write the Global Warming essay, you are made aware of the dangers faced by humans, the damage done for the next generations and the harm we humans do to the ozone layer. Another essay which will create a greater awareness on an important social issue is the human rights essay.

Everyone has rights. They have the right to be free, right for a good education, right for food and shelter etc. These rights should be applicable to all without discrimination. There should not be any difference in terms of these rights to any person. Human rights are applicable to anyone regardless of colour, sex, ethnic backgrounds etc. Therefore, when writing the essay students have to decide on a suitable topic area and an approach to take in addressing the topic.
The Rights of Women

Women are often deemed the weaker sex despite the large brunt of responsibilities and work they continue to shoulder in home, work place and society. But discrimination against the fairer sex is rampant around the globe. There are many rights which do not extend to women in many countries. For example, women in certain countries do not have the same freedom as men. They cannot drive, or engage in a majority of occupations and can not even travel unaccompanied by their husbands or a male relative. They are withheld from schooling, and prohibited from voting. In other cases, they are paid half the salaries for the same job done by their male counterparts even of the work id done to perfection. All this is in violation of rights of the females as a human. These are some of the concerns which can be addressed when discussing this topic for the human rights essay.
Civil Rights

The African Americans living in the US fought for their civil rights. The Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s would have gone better if society handled it well. Due to the way it was handled so many people coloured or not, lost their lives. The law stated that only educated people could vote. This gave the Government the upper hand as most black people were uneducated. This is a subject which can be addressed in the essay. Even today, the so called modern societies sweep their civil right violations under the carpet but violations continue to exist.
Children’s Rights

Child abuse and child labour are also important topic areas that can be discussed and addressed within a human rights essays. One of the most common violations of human rights is child abuse and child labour. This happens all over the world and most victims suffer in silence given their vulnerable and helpless status. As child labour costs less, many organizations turn a blind eye to this situation. The fact that these children are sent to work as young as seven years old by their parents who lack financial support is another element of discussion on the topic.

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