Useful Academic Essay Writing Tips

Useful Academic Essay Writing Tips
Useful Academic Essay Writing Tips
Academic Essay Writing Needs Planning and Execution of the Assignment Task

Academic essays are common assignments which will test students’ writing and critical thinking skills. They also gauge the level of academic knowledge the student possess on the particular subject area assigned as a topic for the essays. There are many types of academic essays being assigned and versatility to handle all of them is vital for a student’s academic success. All these essays should be in compliance with stipulated requirements and norms of proper essay writing. Therefore, let us discuss few essentials of academic essay writing.
Defining the Academic Essay

An academic essay is not just an essay written on a few observations of a topic. An academic essay needs to have a good structure, needs to have factual information and most importantly, should have a strong argument which must be fully supported with theoretical and factual evidence gathered through reliable academic sources.
The Important Elements to an Academic Essay

A good academic essay writing tip is that your essay needs to have a good thesis statement. The thesis statement will inform the reader in one sentence what the essay is about. The essay will have no substance or direction if there is no proper thesis statement provided. Once you have understood the requirements your first effort should be to formulate a good thesis statement. The rest of the essay will be based on the thesis statement.

Research is another important element to your essay. Once you have a central theme or a good argument for the essay you need to establish it or defend it so that the reader believes your point of view. Research is essential for this purpose. A good academic essay requires sound evidence which will back the writer’s statements. All types of academic essays writing require that information gathered through research be referenced in the proper format.

An outline too is invaluable to good academic essays. All the material gathered through research has to be organized in an orderly manner. An outline will help students to do this effectively.

Another element of importance is the structure of the essay. This will include the introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion. The introduction will introduce the topic and will include the thesis statement; the body paragraphs – of which there should be at least three – will defend the thesis statement with the use of proper evidence. The conclusion will summarize the main points in the essay and will provide a solution to the problem.

A good academic essay should be free of plagiarism. It will be so easy for students to take a few words or sentences from other sources and pass it off as their own. This however insignificant, is a crime. Many students have been expelled from their schools as they have been found plagiarising essays. Keep in mind that many academic organizations these days have tools which detect plagiarism in essays.

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