Blood Brothers Essay – Requires Thorough Analysis of the Context Material

Blood Brothers Essay – Requires Thorough Analysis of the Context Material
Blood Brothers Essay – Requires Thorough Analysis of the Context Material
Blood Brothers Essays Impart Useful Literacy Writing Experience to Students

When doing English literature coursework, students will be required to write many essays based on various literature texts read. Such essays need to be written in proper manner and in compliance with all the literature essay writing requirements if students are to obtain a good grade. Writing any essay for English literature will improve the students understanding of what he or she is reading and allow the student to express their ideas better through their essays. Writing a Blood Brothers essay is no different.
Understanding the Musical

Written by Willy Russell, Blood Brothers is the longest running musical in the London theatre. The tragic ending of the story can be sad and melancholic but it is still an interesting reading. The story is centred on two brothers who are fraternal twins, separated at birth. One grows up to be an Oxbridge graduated councillor, while the other continues to live with his biological mother and is unemployed and goes to prison. Several years after the birth the two brothers meet and become friends and vow to be “blood brothers”. They both later in adulthood fall in love with the same girl with tragic consequences. The story ends with the death of both brothers whereby, the prophesy “twins who are separated at birth once they find each other will die a tragic death” comes true.
How to Write the Essay

Writing the Blood Brothers essay will be made easier if the story and what the writer wished to convey is understood. This requires students to read the play thoroughly and examine and analyze each and every nuance of it. Examine the plot, theme, setting etc and analyze it carefully. This will enable you to write a good essay.

Blood Brothers essays can be written on its many characters. However, a single essay will not be able to encompass all the characters in the musical. Therefore, it is best that one character be selected for discussion in the essay. Characters for the play range from, Mrs. Johnstone, Mrs Lyons, the twins Mickey and Edward, and Linda the love interest.

If students are to select a scene in which to write their essay, a good way to do this will be to imagine yourself as the director of the musical and analyze on how you would have made the musical better and how you will represent the scene.

Another element to be considered when writing the essay is to compare it to another musical by another author which has a similar story, such as the Caucasian Chalk Circle. However, this requires students to read two plays instead of one as comparisons need proper information.

Whichever way the Blood Brothers essays are chosen to be written it is important that it contain the elements of a good essay. This requires proper structure, topic, format, etc. A successful essay will be presented only if these elements are visible in the essay.

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