Essay on Teacher – An Opportunity to See Yourself through Their Eyes

Essay on Teacher – An Opportunity to See Yourself through Their Eyes
Essay on Teacher – An Opportunity to See Yourself through Their Eyes
Essays on Teachers Can Create New Insights to Students of the Role they Play

Teachers are important to our academic life. Advice given from a good teacher will always be remembered. Teachers help us in a myriad of ways from giving advice to helping us learn are just a few. Therefore, when assigned to write an essay on teacher, there are many approaches to take in writing this essay.
The Life of a Teacher

At any given time you could be working with a teacher during your academic life. How you see this teacher depends on his or her ability to get through to you. You may find the lessons taught by a certain teacher boring. Therefore, the teacher too will be considered boring. However, have you considered the sacrifices made by teachers in order for us to excel at what we do? Many teachers have dedicated their lives to making students’ lives better. They leave family and friends behind in order to ensure that students are guided on the correct path. Consider this element when writing your essay on teacher.
I Wish to Teach

Some students would like nothing better than to teach. If you are considering this element when writing, explain eloquently why you wish to be a teacher and what made your mind up about the profession of teaching. Teaching is a selfless profession. Teachers dedicate their lives to educating students who sometimes do not even appreciate what is done for them by their teachers. You need to include these elements in your teacher essay.
Teachers Who Educate Special Children

Many teachers dedicate their lives to teaching children with disabilities. These disabilities range from children with learning disorders to children with physical handicaps. It takes great patience and care to teach children of this type. If you wish to discuss this element in your essay, you will need to conduct interviews on what goes through the teachers’ minds when a child succeeds at what he or she originally could not do.
Misconduct of Teachers

Although a sensitive matter, this controversial essay topic too can be considered for essays on teacher. Sexual misconduct is a horrifying crime in educational system. As a result the teachers’ profession may get disrepute. When writing this type of essay you have to research and find the statistics of teacher- student misconduct and how it can be avoided. There are many high profile cases which you can refer if writing your essay in this manner.

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