Select the Right Essay Graphic Organizer to Suit the Assignment

Select the Right Essay Graphic Organizer to Suit the Assignment
Select the Right Essay Graphic Organizer to Suit the Assignment
Essay Graphic Organizers Can Help Develop Innovative and Systematic Essays

Much thought needs to be given to an organising of an essay content. Using an outline is one option which is available to students. The other is the use of an essay graphic organizer. These organizers help students to structure their writing, and help students to classify and communicate ideas more effectively depending upon different writing styles.
Defining the Organizer

Being graphic is to visually conceive of something in explicit detail. To organize is to arrange something in orderly fashion. Therefore, the graphic organizer is the exact tool to assist students with their content arrangement of the essays. The organizer will educate students on the relationship between facts and ideas and allow them to have an in depth understanding about the two. The organizer will also will allow students to include complex information in a manner which is easily understood. These can also help generate illustrations and visual supports as evidence.
Types of Organizers

There are many types of essay graphic organizers. Students are recommended to select the right type to suit their assignment. Provided below is an overview of a few of these.

• Star Diagram – If you have to organize information on a single topic this is the best method of doing so. For example, if you are writing on a topic about endangered animals your essay graphic organizer will concentrate on elements such as the kinds of endangered animals, their lifestyle and habitat, their feeding grounds etc.

• Tree Diagram – This diagram is used to sort items. It also shows the writer how each item of the topic is related to the other. The trunk of the tree will be the main topic and the branches will be the relevant ideas related to it.

• 5 W’s Diagram – This diagram is used to pin point on the important elements of a story or an event. The 5 W’s indicate the “Who, What, Where, Why and When” elements in the story.

• Story Map – This is a useful diagram when students have to analyze and write a story. It will help students to identify main elements of the story and its moral as well as the theme.

• Fish Bone Diagram – If the topic is complex and it needs to be investigated on its causes and effects, this diagram is recommended.

• Venn Diagram – If you are writing a comparison essay this diagram is the ideal one to use. It will help to find the similarities and differences of various subjects. This is a useful tool for students who have to write math essays as well.

If you have a computer and a printer in your home, obtaining essay graphic organizers is an easy task. All that is required is to type in the relevant diagram required and there will be a multitude of sites online which are dedicated to this task.

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