Characteristics of a Well Written Essay

Characteristics of a Well Written Essay
Characteristics of a Well Written Essay
Written Essays Should Encompass a Number of Good Qualities

Why do you have to write essays which are written well? Essays need to be written well for a number of reasons. The main reason being that if an essay is not written well, you will not be able to get a good grade for it. This is vital for students. An essay that is not written well will not be a good thing for the student. As the essays written in high school prepare you for what is to come in college it is vital that you learn to write a good essay. In order to do this you need to know what a well written essay is.
What is a Good Essay

Understanding the Questions – Essays have to be written in answer to a question. If the question is interpreted the incorrect way the entire essay will be written incorrectly. Therefore, first and foremost, the assignment should be understood. What are you supposed to do? If you wish to submit an essay which is well written this is the first element you should consider.

Selection of a Topic – Well written essays need to have interesting, relevant and informative topics. Any essay with a boring topic will be considered an essay which is not well written, even if it is as the topic is not a significant one.

Contents of the Essay – This is where the essay needs to be given priority. You have to write it well. When writing, the way you word your essays makes a big difference. The use of proper wordings in the right places, the proper way of writing each essay and the proper transition between words all add up to the final finish of your essay. The contents should be placed in the essay in the right order and it should be informative and comprehensive to the readers.

Structure of the Essay – An essay needs to have a sound structure in order to be considered well written. A proper structure ensures a coherent essay. It also shows the reader that you are capable of organizing your essay in the proper manner. The structure to your essay should include an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.

Research – A well written essay needs sound evidence to back the arguments. This requires extensive research. If you are writing a comparison essay you need to find adequate and sufficient material to prove your point. This should be presented to the reader and should leave the reader with an absolute conviction that you have presented all the facts there is to submit to back your argument.

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