World Bank Essay Competition: a Chance to Show off your Writing Abilities

World Bank Essay Competition: a Chance to Show off your Writing Abilities
World Bank Essay Competition: a Chance to Show off your Writing Abilities
World Bank Essay Competitions Are Held To Recognize Good Essay Writers

If you believe you have the talent necessary to produce an essay which merits recognition, then you should enter essay competitions. Not only do they offer you a chance to shine, but you also receive prizes which can help you through some financial difficulties. One of the competitions which students can enter is the World Bank Essay Competition.

Why this Competition?
This essay competition is a well recognized one and a well organised one. Students from all over the world can take part. As there are a number of languages in which the essays can be submitted, there is more scope for many students. These languages are English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese. Therefore, if you are a student who is not very conversant with English, but can write excellent essays using any of the above languages, this competition provides you a wonderful opportunity to take part in an international competition.

Rules of the Competition
All competitions have different types of rules and regulations which have to be adhered to by the participants. The World Bank essay competition is no different.

• Age - The age plays an important role in entering the contest. This competition requires students to be between the ages of 18 to 25.

• World Limit –Essays you write for school will have a word count. This competition too, will require students to submit essays with a maximum length of 4000 words and should be in ms word.doc or .pdf format. Each essay has to be submitted with an abstract of a word limit of 250. Students can also submit videos and they should be less than 2 minutes approximately.

• Format – All essays are subject to formats. Without a proper format the essay is aimless. Therefore, before you begin writing the essay, you should find out which format needs to be adhered. The most common format for all types of essay competitions is the APA format.

• Originality – A good writer knows the importance of originality and authenticity in essay writing. The World Bank essay competitions too, require students to be 100% original and authentic. It should be kept in mind all essays will be screened for plagiarism and any student found with a plagiarized essay will be instantly disqualified.

There are many perks to winning an essay competition. This competition too, will avail the students of winnings of up to $1000 – $5000. Apart from the cash prizes the winning essays will be published, for the viewing of a wide international readership.

World Bank essay competitions are competitions which are held only once a year. If you fail to submit an essay of quality for this year’s competition, you will have to wait till next year to do so. Therefore, if you require your essay to be of the highest quality and for it to be 200% original, is the company which help you with this task. With their expert writers you are assured of an essay which surpasses the expectations of the most stringent of judges.

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