Tips on Writing an Excellent Graduate Admission Essay

Tips on Writing an Excellent Graduate Admission Essay
Tips on Writing an Excellent Graduate Admission Essay
Graduate Admission Essays Need to Highlight Candidates Strength of Character

One of the toughest tasks of getting into graduate school is the writing of the admission essay. Many students find themselves at a loss for words when faced with the task. We all understand the importance of the graduate admission essay and will not want to make any mistake when writing it. This is why it is important to be well aware of the best approach to take in writing this admission essay.

The need for the Essay
The essay is assigned for a number of reasons. The writing of graduate admission essays provides the Admission Boards with an understanding of exactly what type of a person you are and how well you are likely to pursue an academic career in their academic institution. Hundreds of essays are received by the Admission Boards. These essays will allow the readers to identify the key personal traits of the students and decide if they are suitable for the graduate program. Therefore, it is important that students illustrate critical thinking, pay close attention to detail, and write the essay in a clear and concise manner. Remember that these factors reflect upon your character as much as the content you write in to the essay.

Preparation for the Essay
Before you get down to writing the essay you need to prepare yourself. If you are to submit a good essay preparation is very important. Ask yourself what you really want to tell to the selectors. Simply providing your grades and transcripts will not get the attention of the Admission Board. You have to include information which you think the Board will find interesting and which the Board will find difficult to reject.

It is important for students to know what the Admission Board is looking for in their ideal student. With the information in hand you will be able to write your graduate admission essay to suit this. Graduate Boards are looking for students, who are gifted, eager to learn, hard working and who will make the academic organization proud. Therefore, when you write the essay make sure these elements shine through your essay.

Write down a list of your personal values. These include who you are, your plans for the future, why you think the graduate school applied to is the right one for you etc. The essay should highlight all your best attributes therefore, think hard when making the list. If you have a low GPA you will have to provide information as to why it is low. Provide some explanations and reasons which may justify you being selection despite these low scores.

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