Addressing College Application Essay Questions

Addressing College Application Essay Questions
Addressing College Application Essay Questions
Practise on Your College Application Essay Questions to Improve Your Writing

Writing the college application essay is most often a great problem for students. They need to ensure that the essays are written perfectly in order to increase their chances of being accepted in to the colleges being applied for. Many students find that if they practise on writing of these essays, much improvement can be achieved in their writing techniques. Therefore, a few college application essay questions are provided for you to write trial essays.

The Necessity of Answering Essay Questions
Why do you have to answer college application questions at all? This is a question which will be foremost in most students’ minds. After all, you may feel that you have done enough and more essay writing by the time you reach the stage of applying for college. College application essay questions are provided so that the student is prompted to write information which the Admission Board wish to be privy to. They wish to understand who you really are. When you answer the questions, they provide the readers with an in-depth knowledge of your personality, likes and dislikes and other personal attributes. Why is this important? The Admission Board need assurance that you are the right person for their academic organization. You may have the grades and qualifications necessary to ace a test. But that does not tell the selectors who you are as a person.

How to Answer the Questions
Answering the questions which are posed to students in the college application essay requires attentiveness. Simply skimming through the question will not suffice. Students should ensure that they read the questions carefully and understand what is being asked of them. Once you read the question, read it again and ask yourself exactly what your purpose is. Admission board members do not have time to read essays which are wandering and aimless. Therefore, the answers should relate to the question provided, should be straightforward and be to the point.

There are certain key words which students need to be aware of before answering the college application essay question. These are words such as, list, differentiate, evaluate, prove explain etc. These key words should be identified and understood properly in order to answer the question.

Some Questions for Practise
• What do you see yourself doing in 5 years time, and how do the subjects selected contribute?
• Discuss how a particular person or experience shaped your life for better or worse.
• Explain how a particular book helped to change your life for the better.
• How do your friends describe you and why?
• Explain why you selected this particular college.
• Recall a time when you did something which now you realize was not the right thing to do.
• Describe the many differences you see between your grandparents and you.
• Tell us about the most challenging obstacle you have overcome and what you learned from the experience.

The key element to answering a college application essay question is to read the entire question carefully and make sure that it is well understood. Answers should be highly personalized and deeply meaningful.

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