How to Organize Your Writing in to a 3 Paragraph Essay?

How to Organize Your Writing in to a 3 Paragraph Essay?
How to Organize Your Writing in to a 3 Paragraph Essay?
3 Paragraph Essay: A Preliminary Practice of Essay Structuring

As you are well aware, there are many types of essays written with a different number of words and paragraphs. All these essays have to have a good structure if they are to have a proper flow. Having a structure ensures that the essay is cogently organized. This is important to a well written essay. Students who are not familiar with the writing of essays are assigned the 3 paragraph essay as a practice assignment of essay structuring. This essay is most often assigned to students to learn the importance of structure and format.

Elements of the Essay
The essay of 3 paragraphs is similar to the five paragraph essay. As the five paragraph essay will have an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion, the 3 paragraph essay will include the introduction and conclusion and only one paragraph designated for the body. This is the only difference while everything else remains the same. The introduction will define the purpose of the essay with the thesis statement, the body paragraph will provide evidence to back the thesis statement. The conclusion will signify the end of the essay with a summary of the main points presented in the essay.

Topic Selection for the Essay
Selecting a topic for 3 paragraph essays is easy if you keep in mind that the topics need to be interesting and relevant to the audience. Brainstorm and list down a few topics which you find interesting. Select the most preferred out of them and decide on what you will discuss about it. Come up with at least three important things you can discuss in the body of the essay about the topic. You need to select a topic which is narrow and not to complicated in order to be covered by a short essay of this nature.

The Importance of the Outline
Do not write the essay at once. Draw an outline of the essay and draft it out. This way you can keep the essay within the word limit and prescribed structure. Research is important to any essay and the outline will help you to organize the material gathered through research and put it in order. Therefore, never forget that an outline is essential for any essay.

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