When You Receive Persuasive Essay Prompts

When You Receive Persuasive Essay Prompts
When You Receive Persuasive Essay Prompts
Understand the Persuasive Essay Prompt Before Writing the Essay

Persuasion is something many students are good at. To be able to persuade someone to do what you want to do is a skill which most students have mastered. Therefore, writing a persuasive essay should not be a problem for these students. Most tutors allow students to pick their topics. However, some will require students to write their essays to a provided persuasive essay prompt.

What is a Persuasive Essay?
In order to write on persuasive essay prompts, students need to know what a persuasive essay is. Persuasive essays are written on a topic, where the students use his or her powers of persuasive writing, to convince the reader to change his views. This type of essay requires much evidence. Therefore, students will find themselves in libraries and going online to gather as much information to be able to convince the reader.

Advantages of the Persuasive Prompt
If you need guidance in writing the persuasive essay and have no idea how you should begin, the persuasive essay prompt will help you. Most often the topic for the persuasive essay could be within the prompt itself. This makes it easier for students to begin writing their essays. Another advantage of using a persuasive prompt is that students will never run out of ideas when writing. This is of utmost importance. How will one complete the essay in the specified number of words, if they have no ideas on the given topic? The most important aspect of using a prompt is that students need to understand exactly what is being asked of them, before beginning the writing process.

Prompts for the Persuasive Essay
Provided below are some persuasive essay prompts which you can practise on to make your essay writing better.
• Write a letter to the College Board trying to persuade them that you are the most suitable person for their academic organization.
• There has been much littering in the school yard. Measures have not been taken to clean this up. Write a letter to the principal trying to persuade him or her that this problem should be taken care of.
• Write an essay persuasively informing that life will be better in the future than it was before.
• Your school is thinking of introducing extra languages for you to learn. Write an essay informing the school board that this is not a good decision.
• Persuade students and colleagues that smoking is bad and they should steer clear of it.
• Write a letter to the President trying to persuade him that third world countries need more assistance. http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/page/19

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