How to Ensure that Your Essay is the Best College Essay

How to Ensure that Your Essay is the Best College Essay
How to Ensure that Your Essay is the Best College Essay
Best College Essays are Those Written with Sincerity and Truthfulness

College essays are written for the College Board to have an understanding of the student’s personality. Grades and scores tell the story of academic performance but what can tell the selectors of what sort of a person you are? What sources of inspirations you draw upon and what special and unique character you hold? The transcripts will only inform the reader about academic achievements. The college essay is what informs the reader that your future plans and what the academic organization can offer to you are compatible. Therefore, it is vital that you write a good college essay. Given the importance of this task, many students will endeavour to submit good college essays. Therefore, you too have to ensure that yours is the best college essay. How will you do this?

Importance of a Good College Essay
As mentioned above, college essays are written for the College Board to be able to evaluate you. Thousands of students with excellent GPAs will be submitting essays written in the highest quality. The College Board will go through these essays to identify what sets you apart from the rest. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that your essay stands out from the rest. In most instances, you will be accepted into the college depending on how good your essay is. Therefore, it should be written perfectly.

Ensuring a Good College Essay
You may have excellent grades, would have volunteered your services at various organizations, etc. All these will not guarantee a place in the college of your dreams. But with a strong and sincere admission essay, your chances increase many folds. Provided below, are some elements which ensure that your essay will be considered the best college essay.

• College essays are usually written in response to a given set of essay topics or essay prompt. To be able to write a good college essay, you need to idetify a good topic which allows you to hilight your strengths. Bear in mind that some topics may allow you to directly write about your self while other essay topics prescribed by the application will not be so. But this means, you have to find innovative ways to indirectly bring in information of yourself in to the essay.

• Preparation is a key element when writing essays. Plan what you will write. Being prepared will help immensely when beginning the task of writing.

• Write about something which is familiar to you. This will be better than writing on a topic which you have no idea how to complete.

• Be original and be yourself. The College Board wants to know the real you. Not someone who you think they should know. Highlight your good points and provide a few not so good points as well. This will ensure that you are human. Being original means to write in a creative manner, instead of writing the same way as the thousand others do. Also be sincere and truthful in your writing. It will tug at the selectors hearts to hear from a genuine student than a phony one.

• Avoid the use of slang, excessive familiarity, and excessive humour.

• Read the essay once more to ensure that the prompt provided has been answered clearly.

Some of the best college essays are written incorporating these points and if you too adhere to them, your essay too can be one of the best.

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