Effective Literacy Essay Writing: “Our Day Out” Essay

Effective Literacy Essay Writing: “Our Day Out” Essay
Effective Literacy Essay Writing: “Our Day Out” Essay
A Thorough Knowledge of the Play Helps You Write a Good “Our Day Out” Essay

Students who are doing their GCSE English literature coursework have many essays to write based on novels and plays. One of the essays which they will should be prepared for is the “Our day out” essay.

What is it About?
Our day out was written by Willy Russell and was first aired on television on the 28th of December 1977. It is about a group of deprived illiterate children who are taken on a class trip. The play centres around what the children do and how they enjoy the day visiting the Conway castle, zoo, beach and fairgrounds. The television version of the play was later converted into a full musical stage production in 1983.

Understanding the Stage Production
No literacy essay can be written without understanding the story and its plot. Therefore, students are highly recommended to read the play and if possible watch the television production as well. This will bring the students closer to understanding the themes and other necessary details of the novel in order to write a good essay. Always try and read between the lines and make sure each and every sentence is understood by you.

Elements to the Essay
There are many elements which can be considered when writing “Our day out” essay. Students can talk about how the writer makes the reader aware of the lack of education and how the children are deprived in the inner city. They can also decide to analyze certain characters in the play and compare them with someone from the present day, or make a comparison of each character. They can also discuss the reason as to why Willy Russell wrote the play in the first place. Any one of these elements can be used to discuss and write your essay.

“Our day out” essays provide students with a basic understanding of the way people from the “wrong side of town” are treated. They are also made aware of the lack of assistance from the government for deprived children. This is what the author wished to convey to the readers through his play. These aspects can be written about as well. http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/page/19

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