Select the Most Suitable College Application Essay Prompt

Select the Most Suitable College Application Essay Prompt
Select the Most Suitable College Application Essay Prompt
Select Wisely from College Application Essay Prompts for a Successful Essay

Writing a college application essay is no easy feat. There are many elements which need to be considered. The college application essay has to be written in the right manner for you to be considered into the college of your choice. Most often the college application essay is written in answer to a prompt. How the college application essay prompt is answered will be the deciding factor when it comes to being selected into the college of your choice.

What is the College Application Essay?
When you have decided to enrol in the college of your choice, you need to submit an essay which informs the College Board as to what type of person you are. This is called the college application essay. The essay will allow the reader to know who you are as a person as exam results and scores will only inform them about your academic achievements. With a good college application essay, the College Board will be able to decide if you are worthy of being accepted into the academic institution. Therefore, it is vital that students do the best they can when writing the essay.

What is a college essay prompt?
The prompt provides students with tips on how to write their admission essay. For example, it is easier to be prompted than come up with your own topic. However, the college application essay prompt is a double edged sword. Some students find it easy to write their essays based on the prompt while others prefer to come up with their own topics. However, this depends on each academic institute. If you are given a prompt, you will have no choice but to answer to the best of your abilities.

Answering the Prompt
Whatever college application essay prompts you decide to answer, considerable brainstorming is required. List down your achievements. Select the most relevant elements which will benefit you in being accepted. Write the essay in a manner which helps you to sell yourself to the College Board. Think of yourself as the brand which needs selling. How would you advertise the brand? This is the same way you must answer the prompt. Answer the prompt as truthfully as possible. Avoid making up stories and lying. Make note that some essay prompts may not be directly related to you. If this is the case, you should make sure to use the prompt to highlight your qualities and achievements as well as life goals.

Prompts for the College Application Essay

1. Describe yourself and one quality you like and dislike about yourself.
2. Write about a problem in the world that might be significant to you.
3. Name three reasons why you think you have a good future in this academic organization.
4. Describe an experience which made a significant impression on you.
5. Write how your friends will describe you.
6. If you had the chance to resolve a global issue, what will it be?

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