What Makes a Good Essay Thesis?

What Makes a Good Essay Thesis?
What Makes a Good Essay Thesis?
Essay Theses Lay the Foundation for Effective Essays

The thesis statement is one of the most important elements to an essay. Without the thesis your essay will have no direction. The thesis keeps you focused on the essay without going astray. It also outlines at the outset to the reader of the roadmap of the essay. As the essay thesis is of critical importance to an essay, let us find out how we can build a good thesis statement.

Why is the Thesis Important?As mentioned above the thesis is what keeps the essay focused. It also ensures that the purpose of the essay is clear. For example, if you are writing about smoking and how it is bad for your health, the thesis statement will be to inform the readers of this.

Where is the Thesis?
As the essay thesis is what provides direction to the essay, it should without a doubt, be included in the introduction of the essay. A brief background of the topic and its importance will be provided in the introduction. The thesis will be included after, in one sentence which is usually written at the end of the introduction paragraph, which will state the entire reason for the essay.

Features of the Thesis
All essay theses provide the readers with a few key features. If students understand these key features, they will be able to write a good thesis statement for their essay.

• A thesis should never be written as a question. It should always be a statement.

• It should never directly state the topic. The task of the thesis is to elaborate sufficiently to the reader what the writer will do with the topic. I.e. do you discuss it? Analyse it? Compare it or evaluate it?

• The thesis statement most often contains the sub topics of the essay.

How to Build a Good Thesis
When writing the thesis, you have to ensure that it is a good one. There are few main features which when applied will make it so.

• A good thesis statement will take a stand on the topic and it will be specific.

• A good thesis statement will be cause for discussion. It is pointless building a thesis statement which does not interest the readers. Most often topics of a controversial nature will interest readers.

• A good thesis statement will express only one main idea. You cannot include many ideas in the thesis as this will only confuse the reader.

• A good thesis statement will draw the reader in and compel him or her to read the entire essay.

A good thesis statement would qualify with all above elements and convey a precise and clear indication of how the essay would progress. By referring to various essay samples, and practising of writing essay theses will give you the necessary knowledge on how to handle this. http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/page/19

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