Tips on Writing Insightful Peer Pressure Essay

Tips on Writing Insightful Peer Pressure Essay
Tips on Writing Insightful Peer Pressure Essay
Both Negative and Positive Aspects Can be Discussed in the Peer Pressure Essay

Is peer pressure good or bad? This is the question which plagues many when assigned the peer pressure essay. Truth be told, peer pressure can be both negative and positive. Therefore, when students are assigned the essay they can write any way they wish to convey the message. Before beginning the essay however, students must ensure that they understand what peer pressure entails.

What is Peer Pressure?
Peer pressure is pressure exerted by peers when individuals interact and perform various functions within a social context. For example, if a person is influenced by another in a good way or a bad way to change his own behaviour or beliefs, this means he was influenced by peer pressure. Through pressure the other person will be able to make you believe that his way is the right way.

Positive Peer Pressure
When writing the peer pressure essay, you can write about its influence in a good way. You can discuss the benefits of peer pressure by the right people. There are many support groups which offer advice and guidance for adolescents and youth to do things right. Students can explore in to these many groups and how they apply peer pressure in order to see that youth are not led astray. Your essay can be written about youth workers, who provide support for troubled teenagers, teach them how to meditate and attain peace of mind etc. Or you can write about one person who pressured another to give up smoking or drinking. This too, is a form of peer pressure.

Negative Peer Pressure
When writing peer pressure essays, you have to research the negative aspects as well thoroughly. There are many ways in which peer pressure is being applied today so that youth are led in the wrong direction. You only have to log online and you will find many essays written by other students on this aspect to gain ideas to write yours. Smoking, alcohol consumption, doing drugs are all negative behaviours that are susceptible to peer pressure. Other major issues of peer pressure include the need for staying thin and slim which has led to behavioural disorders such as bulimia among teenage girls.

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