Get Your Self Competent With GED Essay

Get Your Self Competent With GED Essay
Get Your Self Competent With GED Essay
Do You Know the Basics of Writing GED Essays?

Many students at some point in their high school career drop out of school. These students might later decide that they need to obtain their high school diplomas. Through the GED tests they can obtain a diploma which is equal to the high school diploma they were unfortunate enough to miss out on. One of the assignments which come with the GED tests is the writing of the GED essay.

What is GED?
The General Education Development is a diploma program which provides an alternative route of qualifications for students who missed out on obtaining their high school diplomas. Originally created to help war veterans gain their diplomas, it has become the best way to obtain a high school diploma if students had to drop out of school. All students have to go through a competency test before they are able to attend the program. Students who take the test require at least 60% more than the average high school students. There are five subjects which need to be taken and passed in order to obtain the GED certificate. These are, language arts writing and reading, social studies, science and math. There are approximately 250 questions and one essay which need to be written.

Writing the Essay for the GED
Students are given approximately one hour on a GED essay prompt to write their essays. Therefore, students need to be thoroughly prepared. You are graded on sentence structure, grammar, organization and contents of the essay. Although the essay will only be 200 words, many students find the writing of the essay a task which is beyond their capabilities. Read on, to have a better understanding on how you can write the essay.

• As you are assigned the essay on a prompt, make sure that it is understood. What is being asked of you? Only with proper understanding of the requirements will you be able to write a good essay.

• List down everything you can think of to say about the topic.

• Draw up an outline before beginning the actually writing process. This ensures that you have included all relevant material pertaining to the topic.

• Write a good introduction with a strong thesis statement.

• When writing the body paragraphs, first include the main points, then the sub points and finally elaborate. Ensure that each point is written in a separate paragraph and there is proper transition between paragraphs.

• Conclude with two or three sentences.

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