Are You Creative Enough to Create a Creative Writing Essay?

Are You Creative Enough to Create a Creative Writing Essay?
Are You Creative Enough to Create a Creative Writing Essay?
Creative Writing Essays are Not Only for the Innately Creative

Being creative in essay writing is to incorporate imagination, eloquence and writing skills in an interesting fashion. Many academic institutions require students to write this type of essay. For some students who are innately talented with writing, creativity comes automatically and words and phrases flow through their minds to the nib of the pen without much effort. But, that does not go to say, that only those naturally gifted at writing can be creative in their writing. It can be said without any hesitation that writing a creative essay can be perfected with practise and gaining knowledge of how to write creatively. The more essays written the better able the student is to write them. Therefore, let us discuss and educate ourselves on how to write a creative writing essay.

Defining the Essay
Unlike an academic essay, this type of essay requires students to make whatever they are writing about more interesting. The subject could be assigned to the student and it could be one of the most boring subjects the student has ever written on, but when writing it, he or she needs to ensure that they write in the most creative and interesting manner possible. The aim or the essay is to ensure that it is read with delight.

How to Write the Essay
Comming up with a creative writing essays is very similar to narrative or descriptive essays. Students can write as though telling a story, or describing in vivid and theatrical fashion. There should be a plot and it should be written in a manner which is so descriptive that the reader can envision what the writer is expressing. This type of essay writing is not easy for students who lack imagination skills. Therefore, we have provided you with a few steps to make writing easier.

• Topic Selection. Once the subject has been assigned and students have ensured that it has been understood by them, come up with a good topic. The topic too, should be one which is interesting and draws the reader in. After all, what is a creative writing essay without a creative topic?

• Gathering of Ideas. This is called brainstorming. Take a piece of paper and write down all your thoughts about the topic. Free writing is a part of creative writing. So do not hold anything back.

• Categorize Ideas. Once you have gathered as many ideas about the topic, categorize them in a manner which makes sense. Put what you think is mostly suitable for your essay in the proper order. This can be done in a rough draft.

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