Conveying a Global Problem through a Poverty Essay

Conveying a Global Problem through a Poverty Essay
Conveying a Global Problem through a Poverty Essay
The elementary topics that should be included in poverty essay

As we all know that poverty has been a raising issue which is currently experienced by almost all the countries. Even the richest countries are undergoing the wrath of poverty. This leads towards adverse consequences such as worldly diseases, unemployment, under nourishment, disputes, and ethnical gaps. These effects can disturb the entire equilibrium of a country’s economy as well as the social well being. Nowadays countries which depend on agricultural goods are facing higher level of poverty due to the advancement of the technology which tends to replace all possible elements in the world. These are essential elements to be addressed in a poverty essay.

Since the topic involves a globalize theme, writing this essay would not be much difficult. However organizing of the areas to be covered under the essay should be given due consideration as this is a wide subject area. Key issue must be identified and outlined since the student can deviate from the core topic. A student can either start up the essay elaborating the poverty level of a specific country or a region or can relate it as a global theme focusing the current situation in all possible countries. Few aspects that can be incorporated in to the essay are as follows:

The current position:
This will emphasize on the current situation prevailing in terms of poverty and related issues such as unemployment levels, nutrition levels sanitary facilities will be discussed. The standard of living index is an indicator of how countries vary in standards on different dimensions as infant mortality, poverty line etc. Such data can be used as powerful content to support your points within the body of the essay so that the readers find the essay informative.

This part would explain the causes and the driving forces for the current poverty level. Therefore clear explanation would be required, as various countries possess poverty due to differential reasons. Thus a uniform cause would not suit all the situations. This involves little bit of information search. Economic reviews on poverty can be used as evidence in your poverty essay to identify the key reasons which leads to poverty.

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