Descriptive Essay Writing Should Captivate the Reader

Descriptive Essay Writing Should Captivate the Reader
Descriptive Essay Writing Should Captivate the Reader
Descriptive Essays Should be Written to Paint Mind Imagery with the Words Your Write

One of the most interesting essays assigned for writing is the descriptive essay. This essay provides the student with a chance to express things in a manner which will make the reader “see” what the writer is describing. These essays are relatively easy to write if you know how to be vivid and colourful in your describing of any subject matter.

Types of Description
There are three types of description. The type you utilize will depend upon the subjects selected. The three types are objective description, subjective description and figurative description. Objective description is when the writer uses facts instead of feelings to observe and write on. Subjective description on the other hand is the opposite. It will use the writer’s reaction which includes his feelings on the subject. Figurative description compares certain elements by the use of similes and metaphors. In order to obtain a better understanding of how these three types are used to describe in an essay we recommend that you go through some sample essays.

Using the Five Senses
We all know what the five senses are. These are the sense of sight, smell, sound, taste and touch. Most essays from poverty essay to music essay rely on at least on of the five senses. However, when we are assigned to write the descriptive essay we have to ensure that we use all of the five senses in order to conjure images for the reader. This is the purpose of the essay. It takes skills to be able to describe something so vividly that the reader feels as if he or she is transported into the pages of the essay. If your essay is able to do this, it is a guarantee that it is successful.

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