Educate Yourself on Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay

Educate Yourself on Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay
Educate Yourself on Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay
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Essays are a way for students to improve on their research and writing skills. By the time students come to high school, the level of writing and the requirements of the essays become more advanced. This will continue to become more advanced as you progress on to university level studies. One of the requirements which students have to adhere is proper structuring. The structure is very important to the writing of essays. Because of this, students are introduced to the 5 paragraph essay as it is the simplest form of writing an essay.

What is the 5 Paragraph Essay?
This type of essay is the standard essay taught in grade school through to high school. As it consists of an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion, it helps the students to organize their thoughts in a logical manner and incorporate these thoughts into writing easily.

Writing the Essay
As with all types of essays this essay too, requires students to select a topic and conduct thorough research. Research is important to all types of essays. Let us now educate ourselves on what to include in the 5 paragraph essay. Keep in mind that if at any time you find it difficult to write an essay of this type there are many essay samples online which you can refer to.

All subjects have to be introduced. When meeting someone for the first time you introduce yourself. The same is applicable to the essay. You are introducing a topic which is new to the reader. The highlight of the introduction is the thesis statement. This is one sentence in the introduction which informs the reader about what you will be discussing in the essay. No essay is complete without a thesis statement. It has to be a strong one as a weak thesis statement will make the writing of the essay difficult. Remember to make the introduction interesting enough to compel the reader to continue with the entire essay. Beginning with good essay starters will help you to achieve this.

Body Paragraphs
This type of essay allocates three paragraphs for the body. The argument presented in the thesis statement is proved in the body section of the essay. Each point will be discussed at length in each paragraph. No two ideas should be included in one paragraph. When writing the body paragraphs, you will have to ensure that there is proper transition between sentences and that your arguments are backed by sound evidence.

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