Essay on My School Life Is True Remembrance

Essay on My School Life Is True Remembrance
Essay on My School Life Is True Remembrance
Essay on my school life helps to recollect memories of Happy School Days

School is an institution designed to allow, help and encourage students to learn under the guidance of teachers. Essay on my school life can make you panic because everyone has many school memories which are happy and of course sorrowful but you may not be able to recollect everything in your mind. School is the place that you spent most part of the early years of life. Therefore you can write on many areas such as the education you received, the recognition you earned such as awards for academic, extracurricular activities and sporting events you have participated. You can also mention the relationships you had with various teachers and the fun time you had with your friends. It’s not practical to expect only good memories, so you will also have some unpleasant or sorrowful events such as scolding by the teachers and punishments.

Write your Memorable Experiences.
School life is a mixture of both happiness and sorrow. Therefore remember to insert little bit of both to your essay bring out the true essence of life happenings you went through. Therefore when writing the essay on my school life start with the first day at school or your first class teacher the first award you received at school. These things can take you back along the memory lane. Therefore when writing the each happening, try to live in that moment remembering the past in order to bring out the true meaning of the essay to the reader. Readers are generally interested in well narrated experiences and would like to know about the past of the writer.

Write on things that you were good at school.
Things you like and best at are remembered more than the others. It is common to all. Therefore you can always write on the special talents you had on literature, art music, drama, sports and studies. Writing about the thing you love and the recognition received is always easy as the words come from within you. This is a good way to get the attention of the reader to you side and demonstrate a bit of your talents and likings in your essay on my school life.

Be funny in your writing.
Remember the funny moment you had in your school life. The nick names you gave each other, the practical jokes played on friends. These things can lighten up the mood of the reader if he or she is feeling bored. Therefore write your essay remembering the fun and happiness while keeping the happiness in your writing. This can bring a smile to the readers face as well.

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