How to Select Good Compare and Contrast Topics

How to Select Good Compare and Contrast Topics
How to Select Good Compare and Contrast Topics
Select Good Compare and Contrast Topics to Write Effective Essays of This Category

As compare and contrast essays are common assignments when in high school, students need to know how to write them effectively. When assigned this essay they need to come up with good compare and contrast topics. As the topic is an important element of the essay itself they will have to make sure that they do this in the proper manner. This article will concentrate on educating you on how to select compare and contrast essay topics effectively and without much waste of useful time.

What is a Compare and Contrast Essay?
A compare and contrast essay can be written about objects, events, works of literature, scientific methods or even conceptual ideas. As long as there are more than two items to compare and contrast and they share similar dimensions on which the comparison and contrasting can be based on, you will be able to write a good essay. To compare is to find the similarities of an object and to contrast is to find the differences of the object. A good compare and contrast essay requires students to have sound evidence to back their own evaluations. Therefore, thorough research is vital. If you need further clarification on what a compare and contrast essay is all about, go through a few essay examples. They will provide you the additional information you need to write a good compare and contrast essay.

How to Select Topics for the Essay
As there are many things around us which can be compared and contrasted, students need to be very careful to select things which make an impact on the reader. If you select a mundane topic to write your essay, it will not captivate the reader enough to continue reading. It should also be interesting and relevant to the reader as well as to the writer. The topic you select should have sufficient information as well. For example, if you select a topic that has limited information you will not be able to write a comprehensive and precise essay. Next question to consider is whether the topic is manageable. Students often make the mistake of selecting topics which are too broad to cover in one essay. This will make it impossible for you to cover all aspects of the topic within a limited number of words. Apply these guidelines and you will be able to select good compare and contrast topics for your essay.

Compare and Contrast Topics
Below are a few topics for your consideration.
• The comparison and contrasting of the Jeep Cherokee and the Mitsubishi Montero.
• The comparison and contrasting of William Shakespeare and Charlotte Bronte’s literary works.
• Similarities and differences of pop music and country and western music.
• Similarities and differences of social development of children raised by single parents vs. both parents.
• Compare and contrasting the similarities and differences in the recent economic crisis and the Great Depression.

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