Essay Cover Page Format

Essay Cover Page Format
Essay Cover Page Format
Essay Cover Page Format concerns the Content as well as Page Layout

Essay cover page format plays a vital role in any type of essay writing assignment as this demonstrates the seriousness of a student towards the assigned task. It also represents the formal nature of the written document. This page is a vital contribution to generating a first impression for the reader. Therefore, due attention should be given to the cover page format when submitting an essay assignment.

When writing a cover page you need to consider two main factors. Firstly about what information to include and about the format and layout used to present the information. When talking about the layout make sure to align the details in a center position. It is generally accepted if everything falls in a straight imaginary vertical line in the middle of a piece of paper.

The following are essential factors you need to include in the cover page;
• The essay title placed preferable just below the top margin.
• The word ‘by’ just after the title.
• Followed by name of the author,
• Name of the supervisor,
• The name of the course
• Date of submission.

Apart from those mentioned, the cover page should be formal, agreeable and relevant to the nature and the topic of the essay. Make sure to use the most appropriate font, font spacing and the font colour. Correctly selecting these can make a huge positive impact on the inner pages.

It is important for every student to be educated on how and what to have in a good essay cover page format. However the cover page format may depend on the essay topic and the essay writing format that you are using.

As the essay cover page format plays a critical part of your essay assignment as this helps to generate the first impression for the reader, you should not ignore this part as well. If you have done the inner pages of the essay to high quality, you may still risk getting a lower mark due to a wrongly formatted cover page. This is not to say that the cover page has marks allocated to it but the negative impression gained by a wrong cover page can influence the reader’s impression of the entire work.

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