Tips on Essay Writing Format Requirements

Tips on Essay Writing Format Requirements
Tips on Essay Writing Format Requirements
Essay Writing Format Is Critical For an Effective Essay Paper

Essay writing format is a very important part of essay writing. You may be a student studying in UK, USA, Australia or any other part of the world. But you should at least know the basic rules of presenting an essay in an effective and formally accepted manner. The main styles of presenting an essay would be APA, MLA, Harvard, AMA, Turban, Chicago and oxford style. These styles can differ from each other slightly. For example inn APA style, it is necessary to include running head at the title page in the upper left corner. Also essay title should accompanied by pages with page numbers indicated methodically.

The contents pages which reflect the major part of your essay should be well structured. Your essay may cover a number of areas or reviews about several aspects. In such a situation it is important to break the essay in to sections and sub sections.

However a typical essay writing format should include a title page, an introduction, some body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph. Following are few tips to apply when you are formating your essay paper.

• Title page: This is the first thing the reader sees in your essay. Therefore prominence should be given without fail. It should contain the title of the essay, your name, the degree or the course under which you are required to do the assignments, date of submission and etc. these should be presented in a clear and presentable manner.

• Font size should be 12 pt and page should have 1” margin in all sides. The paragraph spacing is usually set as double space but some tutors require 1 ½ spacing.

• Numbering of the pages is usually located at the bottom center of the page.

• The title of the essay should have each word’s first letter in capital except for the article words. There is no period at the end of a title although a question mark or an exclamation mark can be used.

• The Main headings are to be in bold size 14 font while sub headings are usually in size 12 italics

• Formatting is also concerned with the placement of quotations and in-text citations in the body of the essay. Long quotations of more than 3 lines should be placed as a separate paragraph with a left indent. The in-text citations are placed at the end of each sentence within parenthesis and followed by a period.

• Some extended forms of essay writing may make use of bullet points in which case, appropriate and formal ones should be made use of.

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