Your Smoking Essay – Can it convince a Smoker to Quit?

Your Smoking Essay – Can it convince a Smoker to Quit?
Your Smoking Essay – Can it convince a Smoker to Quit?
There are Numerous Approaches to Writing a Smoking Essay

Among the many interesting and rather relevant essay writing assignments is the writing of the smoking essay. Writing this essay can be done using different essay writing styles ranging from an informative stance to argumentative or cause and effect method. Let us explore how you can present your insightful ideas on the issue of smoking in this essay assignment.

Repercussions of Smoking
Smoking as we all know is hazardous to health. Smoking is one of the most common causes of lung cancer and heart diseases. Many people die daily due to smoking related illnesses. Sadly even the young and the innocent bystanders can get sick as a result of third party smoking. These are all issues which can be delved in depth when writing an essay of this type. When assigned this essay for GCSE coursework, AS coursework or A Level coursework, students can use many variations of the themes to do so.

Writing the Essay on Smoking
Smoking essay can be written in many ways. Let us consider a few ways in which to write it and how we can do so effectively. Main ways to write the essay is as a persuasive essay, argumentative essay, opinion essay, cause and effect essay or an informative essay.

Persuasive essay– Here the writer should direct the writing to persuade the reader of the detrimental effects of smoking and why it is a wise decision not to start smoking or deciding to quit. Students will have to provide valid and credible evidence in the form of statistics of smoking related illnesses and deaths. Expert opinions such as those of doctors and physicians on how lung cancers, throat irritations and other respiratory diseases are cased through smoking should be incorporated in to the essay for further credibility.

Argument essay – Similar to persuasive essays, you can argue your point of view. Here you can be more forthcoming and drive a hard line of argument. This method of writing will be a bit challenging as students will have to be sure to get their facts straight when arguing. There will be no point trying to put across an argument, when there are no facts to back it up.

Opinion essay – In this essay, the students will have to provide their opinions on the subject and justify their opinions. Go through few opinion essay samples which will provide you with ample ideas as to how to write this type of essays.

Informative essay– An essay paper on smoking can also be written in informative form. The aim is to create awareness through in-depth information. You should ensure to include new and interesting information on smoking other than the standard ones so that the value of your essay is enhanced.

Writing a smoking essay is not a very difficult task as it addresses a common social issue which is prevalent in our society and we all are well aware of the topic. However, as in all writing assignments, this one too needs investment of time and effort. Incase you lack the energy or the time to approach this essay enthusiastically, seek essay assistance.

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