Story Essay must be interesting and captivating

Story Essay must be interesting and captivating
Story Essay must be interesting and captivating
Writing a Story Essay Calls for Creativity and Imagination

Each and every one of us has memories embedded within, born from varied experiences and some of us have various imaginary compositions lying in our minds. Some of these are worth sharing. This is the point where an article needs to be written in the form of a narrative or in other words, a story essay. As a mode of expository writing, the narrative approach offers its writers the opportunity to think and imagine and also to be more creative, than any other method. This is also the most interesting method of essay writing.

When a narrative essay in being written, it is practically very similar to telling a story. Narratives are formed from a defined point of view, more often than not, the view of the author. In certain instances authors of these narratives are compelled to reveal specific sensory details in order to get their readers involved and attracted to the story. Story essays often use its opening line or the first paragraph to define the point it hopes to makes, and most often, is written in the first person,

Essentials of a Narrative
Since these narratives rely mostly on personal experiences and thus being in the form of stories, it should contain within, the conventions of storytelling such as the plot, characters, the setting, the climax and the ending. All of the details provided in a narrative type essay should evolve around the main plot and sub plots, thereby supporting to further develop on and explain them.

In summary, a narrative is written in a particular point of view, and is filled with precise details and uses vivid verbs as well as modifiers and even conflict and sequences as does any story. It may also use dialogue if a necessity arises. Narrative reports do not require the ‘higher order writing’ needed in other forms of essays.

The purpose of a narrative is to describe something, be it a real life experience or even just a thought. Therefore it is important that students remember to highlight its distinction from the other forms of writing. It is quite basic and do not require ‘high order thinking’. A writer should bear three things in mind, once an incident is chosen for the writing. Firstly effort must be driven to re-create the incident to get its readers involved in it. Secondly a generalization, which is supported by the story, should be thought of. And finally, the details and sub plots that build the story should be carefully selected.

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