Essay on My School is a Very Enjoyable Assignment

Essay on My School is a Very Enjoyable Assignment
Essay on My School is a Very Enjoyable Assignment
Include some Interesting Facts in Your Essay on My School to Make It Interesting

Essay writing assignments are usually cumbersome and time consuming. It is also often on subjects and topics which are rather complicated. But one of the enjoyable topics is to write an “essay on my school.” Since the topic concerns a subject close to your heart, you can write passionately and with interest. This sort of an essay can be written in many forms but and informative mode would be most appropriate. Let us explore how this essay can be written in an interesting fashion to set it apart from the rest of the essays that reaches your tutor.

My School Essay Content
This essay has few essential elements that needs to be included. You need to introduce your school and where it is located within your introduction paragraph. Then the essay can have a clear thesis statement which states your intensions of writing the essay. A possible thesis statement for this essay can read as “This essay will provide an overview of my school, Glandale High to the reader.” Having set the backdrop to the entire essay, the body of the essay can provide information on following areas:

• Date of inception and a brief history of the school.
• The current student body details as number of students, represented classes etc.
• Mentioning of the Principal, key staff and staff strength
• School district details and Curriculum followed
• Affiliations and accreditations
• School facilities
• School motto and key values
• Special Achievements of the school
• Facilities and amenities of the school

While above are not fixed areas to be discussed in an essay on my school, you can use them as a basic guideline to understand the type of information to be included in the essay.

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