Why Is It Necessary to Write Essays?

Why Is It Necessary to Write Essays?
Why Is It Necessary to Write Essays?
Understanding the Importance of Essays will Compel Students Write Essays that are Better

Students in high school and college wonder why they have to write essays. Essay writing is time consuming, stressful and a chore. This is a fact. There is no sweet coating this. However, it is a compulsory task. Most academic organizations place great emphasis on the writing of essays. Many types of essays are assigned to students as part of their academic curriculum. Let us find out why we have to waste precious time doing so.

What is an Essay?
Essays are short pieces of writing which students are assigned in school. They are usually written with the authors’ point of view on a particular subject. An essay can be as short as five paragraphs and as long as 10 or 11 pages. In this stage of writing they are referred to as theses. Essays have many formats and types. While in school students will be assigned all of these types of essays to be written using any of the common formats available. It is up to the students to write well, in order to obtain a good grade for them.

Why Do Students Write Essays?
Students are assigned the task of writing their essays for a variety of reasons. These reasons mainly include the increasing knowledge of a subject and to improve their essay writing skills and to be able to communicate the thoughts which arise about the subject with others. Although students may not see the reason why they need to do this it is an important element. For example when applying for a job, you will need to write a good cover letter. If your skills of writing are not up to standard you will not be considered for the interview. The skills learned while writing essays will become useful right throughout your life. Similarly when you apply for university, all the essay writing practice you have gained will come through for your admission essay writing.

Essays are also assigned to students as a form of evaluation. When students write essays, tutors are able to judge their skills and knowledge of the topic and grade them accordingly depending on how good they are at writing them. http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/page/26

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