Producing Impressive MBA Application Essays

Producing Impressive MBA Application Essays
Producing Impressive MBA Application Essays
Understand the Requirements before Writing MBA Application Essays

When students enter any MBA program they have to write an essay which informs the Admission Board why they should accept the students’ applications. These are called the MBA application essays. These essays need to be written perfectly in order to be selected from thousands of MBA applicants. All the essay writing learned can be put into good practice when writing these essays. Let us find out how to write a good MBA application essay.

Why Write an MBA essay?
Business schools pay close attention to students’ academic capabilities as well as their personal capabilities. Business leaders are not made just out of theories in their head. The personal character and skills as leadership, crisis management, communication skills, initiative and innovativeness are key to success. The essay must demonstrate these skills as a part of you. If you are good at conveying all your qualities in the essay you will have written a successful MBA admission essay.

How to Write the Essay?
If being accepted into the MBA program is important, students will benefit from knowing how to write their essays.
• Before you sit down to write the essay, draft out a list of all the academic, extra curricular and social accomplishments.
• As the MBA application essay is not only about accomplishments, students should write down a list of failures as well. The Admission Board understands that no one person is perfect. Therefore, a few failures should also be included in the essay for you to seem more human. But don’t forget to impress them by stating how you came through these failures and what you learnt out of them.
• List down your future goal. What would you wish to do in five or ten years?
• Finally, write why all these goals are important and why you should have them.

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