What Makes Good College Essays?

What Makes Good College Essays?
What Makes Good College Essays?
Write Good College Essays to Be Accepted into the College of Your Choice

Many application essays come in for selection. These essays are all written by students who are exceptional in their work. They have good GPAs, they have volunteered for community work in some form and they all have excellent essay writing skills. But what makes an essay written for application, get selected? What are the requirements for your essays to be considered good college essays? These questions should be answered to gain the proper knowledge of this task before you sit down to write your college essays.

What is considered a Good Essay?
Every student has different ways of writing their essays. They will conduct proper research; write using impressive language and words, use proper essay writing techniques etc. All these methods will be ineffective if the essay is not geared towards the purpose it is written for.

So what makes your essay a good one?

• Interesting topic- Your college admission essay is an essay which has to stand out from the many essays received. Your essay represents you to the selection committee; hence an interesting essay will personify an interacting applicant. If your topic is bland and boring the Admission Board will not even spare a glance at it. Put yourself in their shoes. Will you read an essay which does nothing except make you yawn? Therefore, select a topic which is captivating and interesting.

• Be unusual – Don’t pick topics which everyone will select. Be different. Be unique. However, do not be too different. You do not want the Board thinking you are eccentric!

• Be clear and concise – Stay within the topic. Do not ramble and deviate from the topics. This can be achieved if students draw an essay outline.

• Select topics wisely - select the essay topic to highlight all your personality strengths, character and skills. Even an indirect topic which does not tell you to talk about your self directly is expected to be linked to personal information. After all, the purpose of the essay is to inform the selectors of you as a person.

• Have proper structure – Essays have structural requirements. Students have to adhere to them if they wish for their essays to be good college essays.

• Be thorough – Being thorough means to do everything possible to see that your essay is written properly. This means checking for errors and citing sources correctly. If you applied this in to your GCSE or A Level coursework writing, then it is definitely to be applied in to this particular essay you are writing.http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/page/26

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