How to Write a Montana Essay

How to Write a Montana Essay
How to Write a Montana Essay
A Montana Essay Can be Written in Interesting and Different Ways

Montana essay is an interesting book review essay that will be among the essay writing assignments which students will encounter. The essay has to be based on a novel containing human emotions and controversial human behaviors by the author Larry Watson. The main characters of the story, David Hayden, his uncle Frank who is a doctor by profession and the young boys farther goes through many emotional turmoil and struggle with underlying inner undercurrents.

The plot unveils in the backdrop of Montana where an adolescent young boy during the post World War II. The writer tackles his writing along human emotions ranging from betrayal, deceit, lust, corruption, and passionate anger. The central theme of the novel is the social taboo of molesting young Indian girls committed by Dr. Frank during his service in one of the Indian reservations. David Hayden and his family struggle with the dilemma of family ties in one side and with their own ethical consciousness on the other hand.

Montana Essay can be written on many essay topics. Following are few suggested topics unless you have been assigned a particular topic by your tutor.

• Is it correct to sacrifice your own moral consciousness to protect family ties?
• Describe the character of David Hayden in the novel
• Contrast David’s father and his uncles characters
• Critically analyse the plight of Indians in Montana at the time described by Montana 1948 novel.
• What are the emotional conflicts experienced by the key character of the story.

You must be thoroughly familiar with the novel to write on any aspect of it properly. Therefore, read not only the novel but few reviews and critiques made by book critics so that you can gain insights to be included.

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