How to Write an APA Style Essay

How to Write an APA Style Essay
How to Write an APA Style Essay
The Most Commonly Used Essay is the APA Style Essay

High school and college students have to write many essays. These essays cannot be written in any way they see fit. There are requirements which need to be adhered to. These requirements range from structural to formatting requirements. As essay writing is one of the most important aspects of academic evaluations, students need to know how to write these essays according to the requirements. Therefore, it will be beneficial for them to have a basic understanding of what type of formats there are and what each format requirement is. One of the most common essay formats is the APA style essay.

The APA style or American Psychological Association style is most commonly used to cite sources in the social sciences. There are certain points which need to be adhered to when writing an essay to the APA style.

The Title Page
The title page is used for the purpose it implies. This provides the title of the essay paper.
• Paper used to type essays in the APA style is the standard A4 paper and should be 1” margins on all four sides.
• The Font type will be Times Roman and size can vary from 10 – 12.
• The title should appear in one line with the author’s name followed in the next line.
• There should be a running header containing a shorter abridged version of the full title. This will be repeated in all following pages in the top header.
• The third line will be for the name of the school or academic organization.
• The title, author’s name and the name of the school should be centered vertically and horizontally.
• The title should be in upper and lower case letters and should not be longer than 12 words and all text on the title page should be double spaced.

The Abstract
This is the next important section of the APA style essay.
• The word “abstract” should be centered on the page. However, students should make sure that it is not in bold or italic or underlined.
• The abstract will include a summary of the entire paper in 75 to 250 words.
• It should be a single paragraph and should be double spaced.
• If needed students can include possible future research implications and the importance of the research in the summary.

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