A Short Essay Needs to be Kept Short

A Short Essay Needs to be Kept Short
A Short Essay Needs to be Kept Short
Writing a Short Essay Takes Lot of Planning and Concise Writing

Many types of essays are assigned to students. These essays require excellent research and writing skills. Essay writing is essential for students to improve their knowledge of a certain topic and to think critically about it. Experience gained from writing essays can be applied in to various coursework, research paper writing and even dissertation writing. The practice gained from writing essays improves the students’ abilities to execute better writing of essay papers which are more complex. One of the essay types which students have to be knowledgeable about is the short essay.

What is a Short Essay?
An essay which is of word count less than a 1000 words can be considered this. But most short essays are around 500 words maximum. These essays are assigned to students in high school, graduate school and even undergraduate programs. The reason it is called this, is because all the research conducted on a certain topic will have to be compacted and written according to a specific number of words.

Structure of the Essay
A short essay will have the same structural requirements as a standard essay. It will consist of an introduction which will be one paragraph with the thesis statement and one paragraph for the conclusion. The standard body paragraph requirement for this type of essay is three. Anymore than this, and it will not be considered short. Each of these paragraphs should be written with proper linkage to the thesis statement being supported by the essay.

Researching the Essay
Once an interesting topic is selected, students will have to conduct research on their topics. There is no limit to the research which should be conducted on this type of essay. For example, students might think that as it is short, there is no need to research extensively. This is a misconception which will be disastrous for them. A standard essay and an essay that is short require the same amount of research as rich content adds value to any essay. http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/page/27

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