How to Get your Essay Thesis Right

How to Get your Essay Thesis Right
How to Get your Essay Thesis Right
The Essay Thesis Is the Most Important Element in Your Essay

Writing essays has been taught to students from the time they are in middle school. These essays, although time consuming are invaluable to students. They learn so much through the essay writing procedure and as a result are more educated and more able at handling work related writing that is crucial for white color jobs. The essays will be more complex once students go on to high school and college. However, some things will remain the same. And one of these is the essay thesis.

What is a Thesis?
The thesis is an important element of all essays. Although students are taught to write essays from an early age and there are many changes during that stage of writing, the thesis will always be a never changing element. No matter what type of essay, the thesis is one item which will remain constant. Why? The entire essay revolves around the thesis. The thesis statement informs the reader what the essay is about and the point which will be made by the author. The thesis statement will be included in the essay introduction.

Parts of the Thesis
Students need to know all about their thesis when assigned essays for their GCSE coursework or A Level coursework. The thesis statement will have two sections. The first section will inform the reader about the title or topic of the essay. The second section will inform about the central point of the essay. Once this is established the students will go on to list the main ideas which will be discussed in the essay.

Why Does an Essay Need a Thesis?
With an essay thesis the reader is guided towards the argument and provides the essay with a thematic focus. This enables students to focus on what is important when writing the essay and maintain the linkage to this central theme.

Elements of a Good Thesis
The thesis is one sentence in the introduction of the essay. In order to write the perfect thesis students will have to remember three things.
Your thesis statement should be; Clear, concise and arguable. The thesis should be clear as readers need to know exactly what the essay is about and what you are trying to present in the essay. If this is not apparent in the thesis, it is not a good one. It should be to the point and it should not be any longer than is absolutely necessary. It should be arguable in a manner which ensures that it needs to be defended. It is pointless stating a thesis if there is no argument necessary. A good essay is one which has a good argument. All types of essay ranging from business school essays to university essays should have good thesis statements with these three elements apparent in them.

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