Character Essay Writing is Interesting

Character Essay Writing is Interesting
Character Essay Writing is Interesting
Writing an Interesting Character Essay Requires High Level of Familiarity with the Chosen Character

Students taking literature, film or art lessons will be required to write a character essay at some point of their course. Character essay writing is often used on a compulsory piece of reading. This is commonly used by teaches to assess their student’s analytical skills and the thinking ability.

The main purpose of an essay on a character is to focus on specific actions in relation to the selected character, as well as to discuss his reactions to each situation. Your essay should not be a repeat of the book or a general explanation about a particular situation.
For you to write a good essay of this nature, make sure to select a character that you are passionate about. This will make the writing interesting and enjoyable. Have a catchy opening paragraph to introduce the character to the audience such as her role in the story or the play and explain why you chose the particular character instead of others. You should describe the character’s personality indicate what you like in their personality and whether the character can be related to your own personality.

Analysis could be made easier if you can list down the positive as well as the negative traits of the character separately. Keep in mind that if your character is the hero, still he will have some negative qualities, and if your hero is a villain still you will be able to find some good qualities. You should strike a balance between the goods and the bad of your character. Also if your character is the vilan of the story, try to explain what factors caused him to be the bad guy and whether it is fair by him to act in a particular manner or not.

Also discuss the characters relationship with other characters. Whether the character interacts with other characters constantly or whether it’s opposing to your expectations. Pay sharp attention to what the writer has said about the character in subtexts. Assess the character’s actions with the perspective of the book’s historical or cultural background. A person who is in the 21st century will react totally different to a particular situation that a person who were in the 18th century. So it is important that you take in to consideration the time and backdrop in which the character is positioned when writing your character essay.

However apart from the above discussed information, you may need to follow many approaches. As these essays differ from each other and can be written by analysing with different perspective, it is very difficult to have a set approach in writing a character essay. Due to this reason many students find writing character essays very challenging. To a good mark for a character essay you need to have experience in essay writing. However this skill cannot be possessed within days.

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