Descriptive Essays Need to be Vivid

Descriptive Essays Need to be Vivid
Descriptive Essays Need to be Vivid
How to Write a Good Descriptive Essay That Captivates the Reader

A descriptive essay is a very common type of essay that you will be asked to write in school, college or even in universities. In this type of essay writing you are required to provide an overall description of a personality or person, a place, a thing, an object, an experience, a memory, and etc. Here your purpose of writing the essay is to describe something, not to argue with the reader or persuade him to agree on your point of view.

When writing a descriptive essay you should have a clear understanding and good knowledge about the topic you are going to write about. Your reader may not know anything about the topic. Therefore it is important to provide detailed information about the topic and incorporate full descriptions of the areas discussed in the essay.
A descriptive essay can be either objective or subjective. An objective essay is usually with a proven fact which gives the reader a clear cut idea about the topic. On the other hand a subjective description essay should be written with a personal touch by being creative or artistic.
When writing the descriptive essay your focus should be directed towards the reader. Starting your essay with a good introduction can set an effective setting for the rest of your essay. Your essay should be able to attract the reader and tempt him to read without stopping. Do not make your essay bulky and boring to read, instead present your essay in a more attractive and creative manner.

Visual skills play a major role in making your descriptive essay attractive. Words relating to sound, smell and savor primarily makes the essay real. Use of correct language and skill helps the reader live in the essay from the beginning to the end with intensity and to experience a range of feelings. Also keep in mind to gradually build up the tone of the essay as you go along. For instance if your purpose is to arouse fear, the mode should be set in the introduction, so that it gives time to the reader to prepare themselves for the particular emotion.
Always make sure to get the introduction right as this is the point the reader decides whether to like the essay or not. Also remember to use made up and unreal language rather than scientific or precise data. Descriptive essays are normally opinions so you can write and describe about anything you like but make sure to write with clear language and correct vocabulary.

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