How to Submit Well Written Essays?

How to Submit Well Written Essays?
How to Submit Well Written Essays?
Parameters to be considered in doing Well Written Essay

Essays are assigned to students as a form of improving their writing techniques and getting conversant with conducting research. All academic organizations instill the importance of writing essays. As a result, students will have no way of avoiding essay writing in school. Students are graded by how well written their essays are. Most students have no clear understanding of what is considered “well written” when it comes to writing essays. There are certain elements which come into play when submitting well written essays.

Qualities of a Well Written Essay
Essays that are written well get results. These results can come in the form of grades or as with scholarship application essays; or essays for writing competitions, it can get you a scholarship to the college of your choice or win a prize. How do you judge an essay to be well written?

• Topic – The topic of the essay should be new and interesting. This is the first item visible on the essay and it is imperative that students ensure that it grabs the reader’s attention. This way, they are guaranteed total attention throughout the essay.

• Structure – All essays have structural requirements. The standard essay structure will consist of an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. The thesis statement will be included in the introduction and students need to ensure that they make this as interesting as possible.

• Argument – Every essay, regardless of type has to have a point to make. If there is no central theme apparent, then the essay will be aimless. Therefore, all good essays need interesting arguments which can be discussed at length in the body of the essay.

• Contents – This will be included in the essay body. The standard essay structure will have three body paragraphs. This section is where students explain the position of the argument, by the use of clear facts and evidence while trying to come up with a solution for the problems.

• Formatting – Most academic organizations have their own essay format requirements. It is important students find out which format they are to utilize when writing their essays before the writing process. The most commonly used formats are APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard. Students will be benefited by having a basic understanding of these requirements.

• Word count – All essays have word counts which need to be strictly adhered to. Any deviation from this will result in a low mark.

• Research – The most important element of essay writing, regardless of whether it is for GCSE coursework or a dissertation, is research. Without proper research you will be unable to submit well written essays

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