Taking Part in Essay Contests for High School Students

Taking Part in Essay Contests for High School Students
Taking Part in Essay Contests for High School Students
Essay Contests for High School Students – an Opportunity to be Acknowledged

Students in high school have a great future to look forward to. There lives are open like a book ready for exploration. Some find academic life a challenge while others find it easy. There are many opportunities which are open to high school students. One of these is the essay contests for high school students. Any student who is good with their essay writing will be able to enroll in this competition. This is an ideal opportunity for students who are unable or lack the funds necessary to pay for college tuition. The scholarships awarded through these contests allow many students to go on to higher education.

Usefulness of Essay Contest
Essay contest has many uses. On one hand it can identify talented writers and reward their skills. For students this is a chance to make use of their writing skills to earn finances to support their studies. There are also ancillary benefits. When entering contests students have to submit forms and work to a deadline. This prepares them for what lies ahead when they go on to college and other degree programs. They learn to fill forms independently, work according to certain rules, submit work by a deadline and put their essay writing skills to good use etc. If you are good with your GCSE coursework writing, you could be eligible for these contests.

Eligibility Criteria
Students between the ages of 15 and 19 are eligible for the high school essay contest. In order to win the essay competition, students need to know how to format and write excellent essays. The standard word count for essay contests for high school students are 500 to 750 words depending on the level of writing. Students should ensure that they are proficient with writing the required number of words as this should be adhered to strictly. This can only be achieved through thorough practice. Therefore, students are advised to go online and sample as many essays as possible to understand how to write these short essays properly. The amount of essays which can be submitted by one person will also vary according to the competition including the language to be utilized. For example some essay contests require essays only to be written in English, while others welcome essays in different languages as well.

The prizes too, will vary according to the essay writing contest. Some contests award students with full scholarships while others offer partial scholarships. The scholarships will range from $1000 USD to $10000 USD. These once again will depend on how the students write their essays. The essays should show that the students are knowledgeable with the subject. Apart from this, essays will be judged for its content, originality and presentation. Therefore, it is vital that students know how to structure their essays properly. http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/page/30

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