Literary Essay Writing Needs Creativity

Literary Essay Writing Needs Creativity
Literary Essay Writing Needs Creativity
Writing a Literacy Essay Needs Analysis of the Work of Literature

A Literary essay is one of the most interesting but yet a very challenging essay writing exercise. Here students are required to look at a book, a play or any other written work in great detail, and to evaluate the whole story or the essential parts. Unlike any other essay type such as a book report, these essays require far more than a just a brief commentary of the written work. Here students are required to get a full understanding about the written work including the basic setting of the scenario, about the characters and other data. So you should really delve in to the written work when reading it and live with the story.

When writing an essay of this nature, you should emphasize on the three ā€˜Sā€™ elements such as the subtext, the structure and style.

Literary Essay subtext
Here in the subtext you are required to describe the written the story or the play. But remember it is not a summary of the written work that you are required to write. But rather you should write it in the form of an analysis. It is advisable that you choose the most informative parts when writing about the characters of the story or the play.

Literary essay structure
Here the main aim is to present your essay in a more user friendly manner which tempts a reader to read your essay till the end. Typically you should have an introduction paragraph, a number of body paragraphs depending on the complexity of the essay and a conclusion paragraph. The introduction paragraph should include a well written thesis statement and a clear introduction of the topic. This is important because this prepares the reader to encounter what to expect from your essay. The body paragraphs should present your arguments in a logical order, preferably from the most dominant and interesting arguments to less important arguments. And you should always end your essay with an effective conclusion paragraph which summarizes your arguments and link them with the thesis statement.

Literary essay style
Literary essay writing should be informal. It is advisable that you use simple language and simple sentences. But make sure your essay is free from any mistake. The grammar, spellings and the vocabulary should be perfect.

To make your essay more effective include a bit of information about the author and his or her influence on literature. Also you should have a clear point of view about the work and show how some elements in the written work support your point of view. You may refer them in your essay but make sure not to restate any obvious or well known facts.

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