Tips and Guidelines on How to Write Essay

Tips and Guidelines on How to Write Essay
Tips and Guidelines on How to Write Essay
Knowing How to Write Essay Ensures Better Written Essays

All high school students and college students know there is no escaping from essay writing. They know that they need to write excellent essays in order to obtain perfect grades. However, most students go through high school not knowing how to construct a proper essay. For those who do not possess adequate knowledge of how to write essay, it is recommended to read on to obtain a basic understanding of how it is done.

What is an Essay?
Most often lack of knowledge of how to write an essay is because of the lack of understanding of what an essay is. An essay is considered a short piece of writing, usually written with the author’s point of view on a specified topic. There are a variety of essay types and students are recommended to learn how to write all these essay types. The reason being, that the writing of essays improves students’ knowledge of essay writing skills. The more essays written the more knowledge is acquired by students as to how to do so effectively.

The Process of Writing the Essay
Learning the writing process of essays can be frustrating to most students. But it does not have to be so. If a proper understanding is had of the requirements, students will find the process interesting and even, fun. Below is an accurate account of how to write essay.

• Topic – Selection of a good topic is vital for an essay.
Narrowing the topics down to a level which can be managed is recommended.

• Brainstorm – Brainstorming will allow them to come up with interesting ideas for the essay.

• Outline – Students who use outlines find that they are able to write cohesive and logical essays.

• Research – Research as per outline will save you from being swamped by additional information that does not fit the essay but related to the topic. But if you have the time, researching to get information first and then using and outline to fit in only critical information is also an option.

• Analysis – Define your argument and thesis statement and then analyze the argument thoroughly and list out the reasons and evidence.

• Students should be experts at the topic by the time they get down to the writing process.

• Introduction – This section is very important as it is the first section seen in the essay. It should not be too long and students should ensure that they do not provide too much information on their introduction. A good introduction is one which is interesting and captivating.

• Body – This will include a number of paragraphs depending on the number of key points being addressed as well as essay length. Each paragraph should introduce new information to back the thesis statement in the introduction. Students should be sure to write in a manner that is easily understood by the readers.

• Conclusion – Signifies the end of the essay. Ending with a thought or a quote will make sure that the essay is memorable.

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