Tips for Writing a Good Reflective Essay

Tips for Writing a Good Reflective Essay
Tips for Writing a Good Reflective Essay
Reflective Essay should Dwell Deeply with an Open Mind

In a reflective essay you are given the chance to reflect and dwell deeply in to a work you have just completed, or to discuss any achievement made while completing a project. Any work you do will not be completed till you appraise and review the work you have done with an open mind. Therefore in such a case by using a reflective essay, you can evaluate the work you did, identify the positives and negatives and learn from the past mistakes so that you will not repeat them again.

Without proper practice you may find reflective essay writing challenging. Here we have given you some useful tips that will help you in writing an effective reflective essay.

Assess the Process
Before starting to write the essay reflect the process and the method you followed in undertaking the project. Study the process or the method thoroughly and carefully organize the information in a concise manner. Highlight the most important areas, any unconstructive areas of the process that undervalued the project as well as the positives gained by following such a process.

Learning Outcomes
After identifying the weak and the strong points you have to discuss why it has being inappropriate and mention any learning you got out of the process so that you will have a proper record on how the thing should be done, next time you do a similar project. However you should be specific and real when analysing the mistakes and propose measures to improve such drawback then and there.

Extra Tips
To get a good grade it is important to include any observation you made and your personal opinions rather than your professors’ or friends’. However keep in mind not be include too many personal opinions and judgements or use any technical jargons.
Make sure to reflect on the subject matter by giving reliable and relevant evidence, statistics, observations etc. which are supported by academic books, newspaper articles, and from reliable websites.
It is also equally important that you understand your outlook on the issue properly so that it will be easier to convince the readers to accept your point of view. And in the end for your reflective essay to be complete it should have answered the following basic questions.

• Were you able to achieve your set goals?
• If you were given another chance what changes would you make to the process?
• Did you gain any knowledge by doing the assignment?
• How will you apply the knowledge gained in future projects?
• How the project can be improved? And etc.

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